Bed Bug Removal Around Rochester, NY

Serving Rochester, Fairport, and Webster, NY and surrounding areas. If you think you have bedbugs in your home, don't let it keep you up at night-call Rochester Pest Pro. immediately. We offer safe and effective bedbug extermination services in Rochester NY and surrounding areas. Call now to schedule your cost effective home inspection. We also offer quarterly maintenance service every 3 months to our customers covering insects & rodents.

Know the signs of a bed bug infestation.

How do you know if you're living with bed bugs? Call Rochester Pest Pro right away if you notice any of these tell-tale signs:

  • Small, circular bites on your skin
  • Red, blood, or rust-colored stains on your sheets
  • Eggs, eggshells or skins left behind by maturing bed bugs

Bed bugs typically hide in places where you sleep or lounge. Our exterminators will treat all of the areas in your home that might be housing bed bugs, such as mattresses, pillows, couches and carpets.


Bed Bug Customer Preparation Sheet

Get in touch with us today to schedule your commercial or residential bed bug corrective services. We're based in Henrietta, NY and we serve the Greater Pittsford & Rochester area and surrounding counties.

Click below to see the materials that may be used in your treatment.

Bedlam® PLUS



TEMPO® 1% Dust


Rochester Pest Pro, Inc is based in Henrietta, NY and proudly serves the pest control needs of businesses and residents throughout the entire Rochester area.

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