Bugs in My Bed?

Bedbugs are a uniquely troubling pest.  We associate them with our homes, but they can easily invade office and community spaces too.  Unlike many other bloodsucking pests who are happy to feed on animals, humans are bedbugs’ preferred food source.  Preventing a problem is always preferable to fixing one, so we’ve got some tips on how to identify and prevent bedbugs. 

Signs of Bedbugs            

Bedbugs look a bit like ticks— small, shield-shaped, and rust-colored.  The bedbugs themselves are often unseen by human eyes, as they tend to retreat into dark places like walls and furniture filling during the day.  Here are some signs of bedbugs in Rochester homes and offices:

  • Bites, similar to flea or mosquito bites.  Bedbugs feed on blood and like to bite people in places where our skin is thin with plenty of veins, like the ankles. 
  • Eggs.  Bedbug eggs are tiny, pale, and sticky.  They are usually attached to wooden surfaces.
  • Excreta.  Bedbugs leave their waste in the areas they inhabit.  Look for dark or rust-colored stains on furniture, drapes, and rugs. 

Always call Rochester Pest Pro if you are being bitten by pests, and see your doctor, especially if you do not know what bit you.  Bedbugs are not known to carry disease, but the bites itch terribly, and scratching can lead to wounds and infection.  Check out more facts on bedbugs from the CDC and our page on bedbugs. 

How to Prevent Bedbugs

Having a bedbug problem isn’t necessarily a sign that your space is unclean.  Bedbugs are good at hiding and multiply quickly, creating an infestation of thousands within months.  Follow these tips to help you stay un-bitten. 

  • Keep furniture cleaned and vacuumed, particularly in seams and crevices. 
  • Thoroughly clean your possessions, particularly luggage, when returning from travel. 
  • Wash and turn bedding often. 
  • Clean and inspect carpet seams and baseboards. 

For a professional layer of protection, have Rochester Pest Pro over to perform an initial treatment against bedbugs, and follow the above tips.  We also offer periodic maintenance and inspection services to ensure that your space stays pest-free. 

The Rochester Bedbug Pros

We're able to find every place pests enter and exit so we can close and treat them with the proper chemicals.  We consistently educate ourselves on the latest findings on pest control chemistry, because pests can evolve to survive our efforts.  Our methods are safe for humans, pets, and livestock.

Get in touch with us today to schedule your commercial or residential bed bug corrective services. We're based in Henrietta, NY and we serve the Greater Pittsford and Rochester area and surrounding counties.