Yes, We Are Open!

Rochester Pest Pro is open for business and ready to serve our community.  Pest control is an essential service that saves you from having to pay to repair the damage that pests can cause, prevent diseases spread by pests, and keeps your home or business a nice place to be.  At this time, we are open by appointment and are performing exterior spray services.

April Showers Bring Mayflies

It’s spring!  That means sunshine, flowers, and pests.  We’re about to be seeing some particular pests that we see every year around this time, and we want to talk about some of those that we’re spraying for now. 

What Have We Got Here?

Here are some details about some pests that Rochester Pest Pro is going after right now.  It’s important to know what pests your home or business is susceptible to during each season. 


Not all bees operate in groups.  For instance, bumblebees, carpenter bees, and mason bees are not social, so if you see only one bee, don’t worry.  Honeybees are the ones that make hives to store their honey and raise their young.  These can get very large and house thousands of bees that may become aggressive if disturbed.  We carefully move hives so that the bees can be happy elsewhere. 


Yellowjackets are easily mistaken for wasps or hornets, but your pest control pro can help you identify what you’re seeing.  Yellowjackets and hornets are both types of wasps, so “wasp” is a good term if you’re not sure.  These smooth-bodied, yellow and black striped insects can become hostile and can sting multiple times, so be careful and call us if you begin seeing them frequently, in numbers, or indoors.

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are brownish, shield-shaped insects that release a nasty smell when bothered, hence the name.  Thankfully, they do not bite or sting.  Stink bugs try hardest to get into our homes and businesses in the colder months, which we have in abundance here in upstate New York.  We also spray for them when the weather begins to warm and they come out of their hiding places.  They increase in numbers outside in the spring, leading to them annoying us on our decks, porches, and in gardens. 

Making Them Go Away

How we get rid of these pests?  We train our technicians to identify and neutralize pests of all kinds, as well as advise homeowners.  We spray for flying pests like hornets within 10 feet of the structure’s exterior and up to 20 feet high.

  • We eliminate or remove access to food sources like human food, pet food, and wood products.
  • We identify and neutralize nesting spots for pests. 
  • We identify and block holes and cracks that are hard to reach and hard to see for us, but wide open for pests.

Shoo, Fly

Rochester Pest Pro loves spring, but what we love even more are clean, pest-free homes and businesses.  Give us a call today to talk about your needs.  Please stay safe and do your part to help keep others safe.