Protecting Your Workplace Is Our Job

You pay close attention to keeping your living space pest-free.  Who needs structural damage from carpenter ants, painful, itchy bites from bedbugs, or spoiled food from mice?  Our friends and clients certainly don’t, which is why we’re performing commercial pest control for the other place you spend a lot of time in. 

Is pest control for businesses necessary when the business is closed or not open to the public?  Yes!  Such a situation presents a perfect opportunity for pests to get in undetected and establish a base of operations.  It can be easy to forget pest control for your workplace, but commercial pest control is just as important as residential. 

Commercial Pests

Did you know that certain pests are common to Rochester businesses? 

  • Cockroaches love human food and small, dark spaces.  The food service industry is particularly prone to roaches, and we’re dedicated to keeping your favorite restaurants roach-free.
  • Rodents like batsratsmicesquirrels, and raccoons.  Rodents can quickly become a major issue, especially if parts of the building like empty rooms, attics, maintenance spaces, and storage spaces aren’t regularly checked and treated. 
  • Bedbugs don’t only stay home—they get into office furniture too.  None of us want our clients to get bitten from bedbugs hiding in the couch, curtains, or chairs you paid a lot of money for. 

Keeping Pests Off Your Premises

Don’t let pests damage your brand.  You work hard on your business and deserve to do it without worrying about pests.  Pests have negative effects on multiple aspects of your business.

  • Pests can damage your and your clients’ health.  Surfaces become contaminated by excreta and other foul substances pests track in.  These can also become airborne and make people sick. 
  • Pests make your business look bad.  It won’t do to have your office or store looking dirty and unkempt.  Imagine sitting a big prospect down at your desk and having a roach crawl over their shoe.
  • A business that doesn’t keep up their pest control maintenance takes the risk of being found uncompliant with local ordinances.
  • Structural safety can be put in jeopardy by pests.  Mice have been known to chew electrical wires that can catch the building on fire.  As mentioned above, carpenter ants like to tunnel through walls, weakening their load-bearing capacity. 

One of the best ways to keep your workplace healthy is sanitation.  Giving your visible surfaces a little spray and wipe makes your space look nicer but does little against pests.  It is better to have a professional cleaning service that is well-versed in public health to care for your space.

Profits, Not Pests

Pests can take their business elsewhere.  We work to help Rochester thrive by keeping our homes and workplaces pest-free.  You’re a pro at what you do, so don’t accept anything less than the pros when it comes to pest removal and prevention.  Contact us any time for questions or to schedule an inspection.