Local Pest Control for Mice

Hello, friends of Rochester Pest Pro.  It’s time for a serious talk about mice.  Stay tuned, because we’re starting a series on mice—their habits, their life cycles, dangers of a mouse infestation, prevention, and much more. 

Mice in Rochester

Mus musculus domesticus, the house mouse.  Peromyscus leucopus, the white-footed mouse.  Peromyscus maniculatus, the deer mouse Apodemus sylvaticus, the wood mouse, also called the field mouse.  These are all names for the different kinds of mice we have in Western New York.  Rochester is quite prone to mice, and we’re doing a lot of treatments for the prevention and extermination of mice this time of year, and we’ll continue for the months ahead.  Why is that, and why this time of year?

Mice and Cold Weather

Rochester’s long, cold winters drive all kinds of animals to seek warmth and shelter, and what’s nicer for a mouse than your warm home that’s full of hiding places, nesting material, and high-quality food?  Mice would love to get used to that kind of life. 

Rochester’s Attractions

The Rochester area’s mix industries from farms to industrial plants, vibrant food and drink scene, and large areas of suburbia with a small inner city provide ideal habitats for mice native to this part of the world.  Different species of mice have different housing preferences, like where they prefer to spend certain seasons.  Did you know that some types of mice would rather nest in your car or your garden shed than your house? 

Thinking Like a Mouse

When performing pest control services in Rochester, it helps to think like a detective.  We study the habits of mice to make us as effective as possible in predicting their movements, finding their hiding places, finding the spots where they get into your home or business, and getting rid of those weak spots as well as the mice themselves.  Plus, we treat the area to deter them from trying to get in again. 

That’s why you need a local pro who knows your area—the climate, geography, people, local industries, and all about the local pests and how to deal with them.  Contact us to defend your home or business from mice before they can cross your threshold.