Yes, We Are Open!

Rochester Pest Pro is open for exterior services.  We still can’t enter your home because of the pandemic, but we want to help you with some prevention tips and DIY for homeowners until the bug guy can come in.  In our last post, we detailed some pests you might see indoors in the spring.  Here are some prevention tips and how to deal with pests you already have. 

Start Outside! 

Seal your home against pests.  Pests don’t come out of nowhere, so make sure that your roof is sealed up, your deck is tight, caulk up windows, and fix cracks in siding.  Remember, we are doing exterior work, so your pest pro can check the outside of your home for entry points. 

Clean Your Basement and Attic

Be careful of any organic materials stored in places where pests can get at them.  Wood, like firewood, mulch, or sawdust, is a major food and nesting source for termites and a variety of other pests.  Store these items off the floor in airtight bins.  Have your insulation checked for moisture or damage. 

Don’t Leave Food Out

Pests like to eat a lot of the same things we do, so don’t leave it where they can get to it.  Whether it’s food you’re going to eat or food garbage, leaving it lying around is bad for you and good for the pests.  Anything sugary, like fruit, is especially bad. 

Learn What Pests Don’t Like

Many safe insecticides and pest deterrents can be made with items you have at home.  If you have fruit flies, you can trap them with a little apple cider vinegar and liquid dish soap in a shallow dish covered with perforated plastic wrap.  You can make your own house fly trap—boil equal parts corn syrup and water, then paint it on colorful paper and hang or tack it in your house somewhere where you won’t bump into it.  Ants hate lavender and peppermint, so try diluting one of those oils in water and spraying it around entry points or anywhere that you’ve been seeing ants.  Your house will smell great too. 

We miss our clients but enjoy staying in touch with you and informing you on ways to keep your home pest-free.  Call us for advice anytime or if you think you have something serious going on.