The greater Rochester area is one of varying environments. We’ve spoken about mice in our homes, garages, businesses, and other locations, but there are also outbuildings to consider. Outbuildings are prime real estate for mice and other rodents. Today, we want to highlight the problems Rochester has with mice in outbuildings, and how important it is to use professional pest control on a regular basis from a local company who knows the area well. Rochester Pest Pro works hard every day to protect our community from mice and other pests. We live here too, and our clients include our friends, colleagues, and people looking to make Rochester their new home.

Outbuildings targeted by mice include:

  • Detached garages.
  • Storage pods.
  • Tool sheds.
  • Barns.
  • Stables.
  • Pool houses.

What attracts mice to these structures?

  • Foods like livestock feed, hay, straw, and seeds.
  • Nesting materials like wood chips, rope, cardboard, and canvas.
  • Other creatures they can prey on, like flies, beetles, and worms.
  • Consistent shelter with plenty of nesting spots.
  • Shelter that is often unchecked and undefended against mice.
  • Easy entry points, like cracks in the foundation and walls.

If the problem is not corrected promptly and professionally, mice can become a community of hundreds in a few months. These are some of the things mice will do in your outbuildings:

  • Urinate and defecate all over the place. This waste dries out and gets into the air, making it not just smelly but unsafe to breathe.
  • Cause structural damage by chewing on wood, insulation, and wires.
  • Contaminate the items they chew on and nest in.
  • Spread bacteria that will proliferate just like the mice, particularly since outbuildings are often not nearly as clean as our houses.
  • Make humans and animals that use the space sick with their waste, contamination, and even by biting them.
  • Introduce ticks, fleas, and parasites like helminths, a gastrointestinal worm.

Rochester Pest Pro will conduct a close inspection of the structure to see all the places where mice and other pests are getting in, point out the entrances and other signs of pests, and walk you through what we can do about it. We can advise you on storage methods that discourage mice, like using airtight plastic containers instead of cardboard or sacks. Also, there are natural methods that help between pest control maintenance visits, like peppermint oil sprays.

As with so many problems in life, prevention is the best cure. We’d rather you never have a mouse problem in your outbuildings, so contact us today to lay down barriers that will deter mice from entering your space. Write us a message on our website or call us at (585) 486-4815.