Mouse Prevention

Welcome to Rochester Pest Pro’s eighth installment on mice. We have a lot to say about mice, so be sure to check out part 7 and earlier. We’re constantly taking on pest control for mice in Rochester in the fall. It’s getting cooler, especially at night, when mice move about most. Mice are getting serious about scouting for nest locations and would love to stay in your warm home, office, barn, shed, garage, whatever you’ve got to offer.

We recommend you have some mouse prevention treatments laid down by pros right away, as well as have us inspect your home to alert you of any signs of mice or entry points for mice. There are some things that homeowners and property managers can do on the daily to help prevent mouse problems before they start. Most important is to keep the three things mice want inaccessible: food, water, and shelter.

Mouse Control for Homeowners

Homeowners, try these methods to help deter mice from entering your space. The best thing to do is to have Rochester Pest Pro around to lay down chemical treatments that are safe for you and your pets but work well against mice. For ongoing mouse deterrent service, ask about our pest control maintenance program.

Try peppermint or clove oil drops in places where mice often hide, like under sinks, baseboards, and behind refrigerators. You can boil hot peppers in water to be sprayed wherever mice will encounter it but humans and pets won’t.

Keep any areas where you eat or keep food clean. Vacuum the carpet by the coffee table, sweep up crumbs, wipe up spills. Store food for humans and pets in airtight containers in drawers, the fridge, and cabinets. Watch for any signs of chewing or feces.

Make sure screens on places like chimneys and fireplaces don’t have any gaps, tears, or holes. Make sure that window frames and door frames are gap-free. House mice act as their name suggests, but deer mice would prefer to stay outside. However, they will move indoors when it’s cold enough.

Traps can work, but mice quickly learn to avoid them. Poisoned traps can hurt pets and leave harmful residue. Also, if the trap doesn’t contain the corpse, it isn’t reachable, or it’s forgotten, it can lie there and rot. We use eradication methods that won’t hurt you or your animals.

Safe Mouse Eradication and Removal

Rochester Pest Pro likes to offer comprehensive pest services from initial inspection to followup. This is called integrated pest management (IPM). We can fix small holes and cracks for you right there as a one-stop solution, using the right materials for each spot. Contact us here or call (585) 486- 4815.