Rochester, NY is a perfect place to have problems with mice. We didn’t do eight other blogs on mice just for fun— that's how important they are in our work. That’s how detrimental mice can be to our health, structural sustainability, and keeping our spaces free of other pests.

Now that we’ve added wildlife control, removal, exclusion, and trapping to our services, we are better prepared than ever to tackle mice in Fairport, Webster, Henrietta, and other Rochester area neighborhoods. How do wildlife control and pest control for mice interact?

Mice and small rodents like them are a part of the food chain, feeding on small pests like insects. That’s not so bad, but with the way mice breed, they quickly eat up whatever is available and look for more to feed their enormous families. The mice then become prey for so many other animals, like birds, foxes, and other feral animals. Without calling us to check your space out for mice, you’ll quickly attract animals that want to feed on mice.

Animals that prey on mice can be messy eaters in the indoors and outdoors. They will leave mouse carrion around, which smells awful and attracts even more pests that come to eat and break down the corpse, like birds and beetles. Flies will eat and lay eggs in the rotting flesh. Flies too breed rapidly, so one dead mouse in your basement that is found by one roving housefly can cause a fullblown fly problem.

Domestic cats, dogs, ferrets, and such will often go after mice even when they don’t want them for food. That can cause the same kind of issues as feral animals, but it can also give Fluffy fleas, toxoplasmosis, worms, and more. Curious children might also try to handle mice, which can get them bitten and expose them to the filth that mice spread around.

If you’re seeing the classic signs of mice in your space, like feces (it looks like little black granules or grains of dark rice), chewed food, torn cloth or paper bags, and oil smears along transit routes like baseboards, call Rochester Pest Pro immediately. If you are noticing these signs, that means there is already a problem.

Never handle mice, alive or dead, and don’t go looking for where they’re hiding. That’s what the pest pros are for. We practice integrative pest management, which means we handle the issue from initial inspection to follow-up in the months to come. We’ll get rid of the mice that are there, look for any pests in your space that they’re feeding on, find the places they’re getting in, seal those, and lay down chemical treatments that will deter them from coming back. We keep our clients informed every step of the way.

Contact us online or call (585) 486-4815. Remember to keep your food in secure places in airtight containers, take your garbage out regularly and keep your organic materials like wood and compost away from your building.