You're at a restaurant. There is warm lighting, ambient tunes, good service, and tasty food. Maybe you’re having lunch with some investors and things are going well, or it’s margarita night with your friends, or you’re contemplating the special person in front of you. Something moves at the corner of your eye and all of a sudden, the evening is ruined. It’s a mouse.

For restaurants and other commercial spaces, rodents like mice are a nightmare. Rochesters Restaurants and food service facilities of all kinds need to keep vigilant when it comes to pest control. If pest control for mice is lacking, there may be disastrous effects.

Protecting Rochester Restaurants from Mice

How can restaurant owners in Rochester deal with mice? Just like with your house, prevention is the best strategy. A restaurant needs to have cleanliness standards that are tight and consistent, like these:

 Know the signs of mice. Remember that once you see one, there is already a problem. Check for small, dark bits of mouse feces when cleaning, nibbled containers and foodstuffs, and oily, musty-smelling smears on walls. Also remember that mice can climb.

 Clean up spills, dropped food, and crumbs thoroughly at the end of the day and as much as possible between shifts.

 Clean behind and underneath items like hoods and freezers regularly. Wayward particles and moisture combine to product sticky grime, which becomes full of bacteria. This draws small pests with rodents like mice and rats further up the food chain.

 Keep cabinets, refrigerators, freezers, boxes, and sacks in good condition. See that doors fit tightly and that items like cardboard boxes and paper sacks are kept in close-fitting bins and clean shelves off the ground.

 Empty garbage containers often and keep dumpsters well away from the walls and doors of the restaurant.

 Have Rochester Pest Pro over to inspect your structure for openings where mice and other pests can get through. We will identify interior and exterior problems, seal them up, and advise on upkeep.

 Look closely at incoming shipments. Vehicles and shipping facilities can harbor mice.

 Use devices like sound emitters that humans can’t hear but that mice can hear and dislike.

 Put down effective traps in effective places. Mice will still be drawn to the warmth of a restaurant and the smell of food, so traps should be in place and checked often. Sticky traps and snap traps work well if checked frequently.

 Call the pros for rodenticides. Don’t try to purchase and apply rodenticides yourself. There are a lot of ineffective ones on the market today, and when they aren’t applied correctly, they’re wasted and might be unsafe for employees and clients. If the treatments act too slowly, you could have dead mice in your walls and other hard-to-reach places.

Not in this Kitchen!

Kitchens get messy—that's just the way it is, especially when they’re used all day to cook for dozens of people. But with proper care, dedication, and counsel from Rochester Pest Pro, mice and other rodents won’t be able to establish a toehold. Call us any time at (585) 486-4815 or contact us on our website.