Pest Control for Rochester, NY

Why kind of pest control services are available in Rochester?  Why are we making a post about this specifically? 

A pest control professional needs to be aware of the unique area they serve.  Environmental conditions, geography, and the people who live in a certain area all have a large influence on what kind of pest control is needed in that area. 

Rochester’s Climate and Weather

Some animals, like ticks, like to be in wet environments, other pests, like ants, prefer dry surroundings.  In general, Rochester’s summers are warm and somewhat brief, our autumns are long, our winters are longer and quite snowy, and our springs are short and wet. 

We stay prepared all year long to protect your home and office from the season’s pests.  It’s autumn now, so while the flying insects are starting to decline, other pests will be appearing more.

Rochester’s Wildlife

Western New York has its own unique menagerie of pests.  For instance, buildings in this area are especially prone to problems with mice and rats looking for food and housing during the long, frigid winters.  In the warmer months, boxelders and stink bugs are everywhere. 

We are currently doing exterior sprays and treatments to keep these and other flying and crawling pests out of your space.  Schedule an inspection today to prepare your home or property for the months ahead. 

Rochester’s Topography

The Rochester area is close to the Finger Lakes on one side, Lake Ontario on the other side, and plenty of small rivers and canals in between.  This makes for medium-textured soil and loam layer that supports beautiful forests—and the pests that call them home.  The crops grown in this area also influence what kind of pests are found in Rochester, such as Japanese beetles and aphids. 

Rochester’s People

Rochestarians are hard workers.  A lot of us are working at home now, so we’re taking extra care to remove any pests inside your house and treat your exterior to prevent them from coming back in.  Whether you’re spending more time at home or at the office, here are some things you can do to discourage pests:

  • Don’t leave food sitting around, whether that’s food at your desk or food garbage that isn’t securely covered.  Take out your trash frequently and put away any uneaten food. 
  • Take care not to leave organic materials with a lot of starch in them sitting around.  A good example is wood and paper products—from cardboard boxes to printer paper to firewood.  These attract all kinds of vermin that want to use these materials to eat and nest in.
  • Watch and listen.  If you see cracks, holes, or droppings, give us a call.  If you hear crawling, buzzing, or scratching, give us a call.  If you are experiencing physical reactions like rashes or itchy spots, give us a call.  If you are seeing visible pests in your space, take your eyes off this post and call Rochester Pest Pro now. 

Rochester Pest Control Pros

It’s our #1 goal to keep our friends, neighbors, and family safe from the issues caused by indoor and outdoor pests, from stings to disease to structural damage.  Being intimately familiar with our environment is essential for us to deliver smart, thorough treatments at the right time.  Rochester Pest Pro doesn’t just know pests, we know Rochester.