Pest Control During a Pandemic: Exteriors

Why Spray Now?
Pest control might not be the first thing on your mind at the moment, but consider this: You’re spending more time indoors, which is where the pests like to be.  Some of them, like rats, aren’t getting as much food as they normally do from sources like public garbage.  This is the perfect time to tackle the creatures outdoors who want to come in.  

Yes, We Are Open!
Pest control has been deemed an essential service by the federal government.  Let’s take a look at some reasons to call Rochester Pest Pro Inc. for questions and quotes.

Disease Prevention
Pest control prevents diseases spread by pests and prevents them from exacerbating other illnesses.  We all know the story of how rats carried fleas that bit humans and spread the plague that wiped out entire cities in a matter of weeks. Ticks can carry Lyme disease, and roaches can spread salmonella.

Injury Prevention
Pest control keeps you and your loved ones safe from bites and stings.  We regularly remove and perform preventive maintenance against pests known to injure humans, like bed bugs, wasps, and fire ants.  

Protecting Four-Legged Family
Pest control protects your pets.  Your furry friends should be kept safe from spider, tick, and flea bites as well as from larger animals like rats and raccoons.  Let’s not get Fluffy into a situation that pits them against a cornered squirrel.  

Things That Make You Say “Eww”
Pest control keeps your home cleaner.  Do you want oil stains from mice or rats along your baseboards?  Do you feel like smelling the odor of bat guano coming from your attic?  We haven’t met a single person who does.  

Brick and Mortar
Pest control protects your business.  If you’ve had to pause operations, you don’t want to open your doors back up to the sight of pests scurrying away.  Preventive maintenance against pests also costs much less than having to take out an infestation and then deal with the damage that pests like termites can cause.

How We Work
We do our exterior treatments for outdoor pests in the spring and summer.  Here are some things we do to eradicate, remove, and deter pests:

  • We inspect travel corridors closely.  This helps us find nests and entry/exit points, which can be baited or treated.  Travel corridors are found everywhere from roof soffits, gutters, window edges, and all manner of cracks and holes that may be hidden or too small to notice.  
  • We set effective traps.  We know our pests well.  We know what they like and how to present it to trap and eliminate, deter, or remove them.  
  • We inspect materials and places that are prone to housing pests.  These include standing water and moist places in general, holes in wood, beneath items like stepping stones, and inside attics and crawl spaces.
  • We care for areas that supply pests with food.  Pest food is not only what we and our pets eat, but materials like wood, bird or garden seeds, and paper.  

Call the Pros
We don’t always see the good effects of regular pest control, but the effects of a lack of pest control are immediately obvious.  While you’re spending a lot of time at home, let’s keep your home comfortable and pest-free.