Getting Rid of Raccoons

With Upstate New York’s distinct seasons, diverse food and drink crops, and proximity to woods and water, it is no surprise that rodents are a common issue that Rochester Pest Pro deals with. We get calls for rodent pest control in every season from every neighborhood in the Rochester area.

The North American raccoon, Procyon lotor, is a large rodent most common in the Northern states but still present in the Southern states. Raccoons are easily identifiable by their thick, gray-brown fur, with a black “mask” across their faces and a fluffy black and white ringed tail.

Raccoons have a cute appearance and the way they wash their food with their clever little paws is fun to watch. They are also no good to have around your home or workplace. Raccoons belong in the woods and shores, but human civilization, with its warm buildings and food garbage, draws raccoons in.

Masked Bandits

Here are some reasons why raccoons aren’t cute to have around in human spaces:

− Raccoons can be aggressive toward humans and other animals. They will not hesitate to bite and claw if they feel threatened.

− Raccoons carry pathogens and other pests like rabies and fleas.

− Raccoons eat and tear up gardens and crops.

− Raccoons make their nests and bear offspring in places like garages, attics, and storage spaces. This introduces food leavings and feces into the space, as well as causing damage to building materials, creating more entry points and structural weaknesses.

− Raccoons knock over trash containers and spread the contents around. Besides being tiresome to clean up, this attracts other pests.

− Raccoons are intelligent, and if entry points are not professionally sealed and if measures aren’t taken to deter their presence, they will come back.

The Rochester Rodent Pros

According to New York law, it is illegal to move wildlife off your property and release it somewhere else. Raccoon removal must be conducted by a professional to keep everyone safe and inside the law. Rochester Pest Pro maintains the requirements necessary to handle rodent control safely and within the law. We don’t only handle raccoons. We perform pest control services for squirrels, skunks, possums, groundhogs, and more.

Call us any time at (585) 486-4815 or use our contact form if you’ve been seeing things like garbage containers disturbed, scratching noises near the roof, or seeing the rodents themselves flee when you open the door, contact us right away.