Expanding Our Offerings to Serve You Better

Rochester Pest Pro has acquired RMB Wildlife and Exclusion.  We are now offering wildlife trapping, removal, and exclusion services to all Rochester neighborhoods.  East Rochester, Fairport, Webster, Henrietta, Honeoye Falls, etc. can now access professional wildlife control from the same friendly experts who have been protecting your homes, offices, and property from pests for years.

Wildlife control in Rochester is sorely needed.  Cold winters, diverse food crops, large residential areas, and a small inner city all contribute to wildlife moving into human spaces.  In Rochester, you don’t want a wildlife removal service that just removes the creatures, you want one that makes sure they don’t return.

What Pests Are Active Fall and Winter 2021?

Pest animals of all kinds are seeking warm hideaways and food sources for the upcoming winter.  We trap, remove, and exclude:

  • Foxes.  Foxes can harm pets and leave the partially eaten corpses of prey like birds and mice around the property.  Foxes can give pets parvo and distemper. 
  • Skunks.  There’s the obvious, but skunks are also omnivores that will eat fruit, grain, seeds, insects, and small animals like birds and mice.  They like to eat a lot of garden pests and their stink is a deterrent for other wildlife, so they can be good for farmers to have around in small numbers. 
  • Squirrels.  Squirrels are common, loud, resourceful, and can be aggressive.  They love roofs and attics, dig in gardens, and can be seen tussling all over the place.
  • Bats.  We take great care when removing bats, as they are crucial parts of the ecosystem.  Bats would like to stay in your attics and loft spaces, but their droppings accumulate and you can hear them moving around.  Ask us about how you can offer a safe refuge for bats with a bat house.
  • Snakes.  Most snakes in this area are harmless, but many can still pack a painful bite.  Snakes are important to have around, but an unexpected encounter is stressful for you and the snake, and most of us are not trained to identify species of snake.  Leave it alone and call us. 
  • Raccoons.  Raccoons love to break into garbage containers to eat the contents and spread it around, giving access to other pests and making us clean it up again. 
  • Dead animals, nests, and droppings.  The pests themselves aren’t the only issue— they leave a lot behind.  These are bad enough on their own, but they also attract other pests.  

Blocking Wildlife Entry Points

Some areas are consistent entry points:

  • Roof lines and returns.
  • Utility pipes.
  • Fireplaces.
  • Chimney caps.
  • Soffits.
  • Weak points in decks and crawl spaces.

Rochester Pest Pro practices integrated pest management (IPM).  That means complete service from scheduling the initial inspection to follow-up.  We can make most of the repairs needed to keep the wildlife from reentering your space. 

Wildlife Exclusion for a Pest-Free Space

Stay tuned for more about wildlife trapping, exclusion, and removal by Rochester Pest Pro.  If you’ve been seeing signs of unwelcome wildlife around your property, call us at (585) 486-4815 or contact us here