Pest Inspections for Rochester Businesses

Rochester’s businesses need to be kept pest-free just as much as our homes. No one wants to see mouse feces at the edges of your carpet, a roach in the bathroom, or beetles flying around the

general space. That’s where commercial pest inspections come in. We keep saying it, but seeing one pest means there is already a problem. Most pests, such as mice, don’t like being seen, so visibility is a huge red flag. Never ignore signs of pests, and if you’re not sure what you’re dealing with, ask us. If you can take a picture, all the better.

Pest inspections should not occur only when there is a noticeable problem. Commercial pest inspections should be done on a regular basis to keep employees, customers, and property safe.

How Are Commercial Pest Inspections Done?

Rochester Pest Pro practices integrated pest management (IPM), a procedure with a consistent sequence that ensures accurate diagnoses and treatment. When performing a commercial pest inspection, the pest technician is going to go over the area with a fine-toothed comb on the interior and exterior of the property.

Here's how to prepare for an inspection:

  • Remove barriers to areas we need to get to. This includes closets, utility rooms, server rooms, attics, basements, vacant rooms, etc. Even if no one ever goes in there, it needs to be checked. In fact, if humans don’t often enter a space, that will make it even more attractive to pests if there is any way they can get in.
  • Trim back any foliage that is up against the outer walls.
  • Don't clean up too much. That’s like brushing your teeth extra well before seeing the dentist. We want to see your space as it is on a daily basis. That will help us provide counsel on what areas are lacking in terms of care.
  • Give us time and space. We’re going to be looking at everything from bushes outside, windows,

doors, furniture stuffing, break rooms, etc.

We Keep Our Clients Informed

After we’ve checked everything, you will get a detailed report on our findings and what needs to

happen next. This report is an essential part of IPM and includes information on:

  • Where pests are getting in.
  • What issues the pests are causing and will continue to cause if not dealt with.
  • What repairs are needed to the space.
  • What maintenance practices need to be improved.

After going over the report with the client, we will work out what treatments we need to make.

Check out some information on those treatments here. As part of our integrated pest management


services, we can also make most of the repairs needed, like closing holes and sealing up cracks. We will also advise on any repairs that a different specialist needs to do, like an HVAC technician.

Every business is unique, and so are the pest issues they suffer if Rochester Pest Pro isn’t invited over to perform commercial inspections according to our integrated pest management system. Don’t let pests crawl into your livelihood. Give us a call at (585) 486-4815 or contact us on our website to ask questions or schedule an appointment.