Initial Site Inspection

First, we have to identify the problem and look at the entire situation.  We want to see:

  • What the signs of your problem are.  Odors?  Sawdust?  Droppings?  Visible pests?
  • What is causing the problem.  Are those bats or squirrels making that noise in the attic? 
  • Where the entry points are.  Have you got gaps under your eaves?  Maybe a cracked foundation? 
  • What treatment options are best.  Traps, sprays, or both?  Relocation or eradication?

Treating the Area

Now that we know what we’re dealing with, we can apply the treatment.  Common areas that we treat are:

  • Eaves, soffits, and overhangs.
  • Windows and sills.
  • Doors of all kinds.
  • Foundations.
  • Walkways, raised or on the ground. 
  • Other hot spots where flying insects might hide, like crawlspaces, decks, and more. 

What Treatments We Use

Rochester Pest Pro uses pesticides that are mixed according to the weight of the pests they target.  We use spray treatments, baits, gels, and dusts that are high-impact on pests but safe for humans and pets to be around.  We use treatments designed specifically for the pests that are causing you problems.  

Treatment Frequency

Our treatments are typically good for 3-4 months and cover up to 72 different types of flying and/or crawling insects.  The season, pests, and area we are treating influence how long the treatment will be effective.  For instance, bees are getting more aggressive as it’s now high summer and they are prepping for fall.  The best pest control is prevention.  Think of how you buy extra food and supplies before a major snowstorm and prepare similarly by calling Rochester Pest Pro today for an inspection.