Pick Me!
When you’re looking for a pest control company near you, why should you choose us? Every business wants to set itself apart from the competition, and so do we.  Today, we’d like to outline a few of the ways Rochester Pest Pro sets ourselves apart from our national competitors.  

Protecting Your Home
Rochester Pest Pro is a local company made up of your friends, neighbors, and colleagues. We feel the same way you do about keeping them safe and healthy—it's our first priority.  
By using our skills to remove and deter pests from your home, your children, pets, and other loved ones are safe from the risks posed by pests.  With professional pest removal services, your home is cleaner and better maintained.  We treat for the present by removing the pests and treat for the future by treating the area to deter the pests from returning.  

Protecting Your Workplace
When you use a professional pest control service for your business, you’re safer from liabilities caused by pests.  We also help you stay within regulations for building health and safety.  If left unchecked, pests can easily spread to other suites or buildings. Making sure your business space is free of pests makes it more attractive, comfortable, and welcoming.  

Committed to Excellence
Rochester Pest Pro doesn’t rely on standardized training.  We are licensed and carry all required insurance and paperwork, but we’re also up on the latest industry developments and pest activity trends.  We study our profession as both a science and an art. 

Caring for Our Town
Another benefit of being a local pest control company is that we’re familiar with the city and neighborhoods.  We know if there is a bat cave nearby, or if the soil in that area is particularly moist and prone to water seepage, and what kind of trees are nearby.  All of these make a difference on what kinds of pests the area is prone to, and you can trust Rochester Pest Pro to know.    

Only the Best
We give you the kind of service we want for ourselves and treat your space like ours. You know when we’re coming, and we’ll be there on time.  We got our reputation from happy clients, and we intend to uphold that for the life of our business.  Rochester Pest Pro is always happy to see you, but hopefully not too often!  Call us today to talk about your pest control and preventive maintenance needs.