Parasteatoda tepidariorum

Color: Yellowish brown to gray
Size: 1/8th inch
Notes: Although it is possible for a house spider to bite a human or animal, they are not considered dangerous

House spiders are surprisingly common housemates, often going unnoticed by their human cohabitants. Most varieties do not pose a threat to humans and fortunately, house spiders typically eat other insects that may otherwise be pests, such as flies and cockroaches. As house spiders normally prefer darker, remote areas within the house like attic spaces or crawl spaces with no exposure to light or air circulation, it's best not to upset them unless your house spider is an unusually large size. 

House spiders are a common pest problem all over the world, but they rarely present any real risks. While house spiders can be intimidating due to their sheer numbers, most species of house spiders don't bite and even those that do rarely produce any harmful reactions in humans. 

Though house spiders may look intimidating, they rarely bite and are not known to spread any diseases.

To prevent house spiders from entering your house, it's important to keep all potential entry points sealed off. This includes windowsills and seals, door frames and thresholds, and cracks or holes in foundation walls, ceilings or floors. Additionally, house spiders are attracted to clutter as they offer places to hide so it is good practice to clean up regularly keeping piles of clothes, boxes and stacks of anything away from walls. 

Many house-dwellers find themselves dealing with house spiders from time to time. It's important to understand a few things about house spider removal in order to manage the situation better. First, house spiders often move indoors for shelter and may enter even through small cracks or crevices; secondly, it's important to limit their food sources by keeping your house clean and free from any other pests such as flies or moths; and lastly, consider using non-toxic pest control methods like sticky traps or vacuuming them up to control populations.

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