Color: Black or dark brown bodies with yellow markings
Size: 1.9-3.2cm 

What Do Paper Wasps Look Like?
Paper wasps are brown to reddish brown with yellow markings. Paper wasps have 6 long legs, antennae, a tiny waist, and grow in length from 5/8 to ¾ of an inch long. They get their name from the paper-like material they use to make their nests.

Are Paper Wasps Dangerous?
The sting of a paper wasp is painful. For those who are allergic, a paper wasp sting could be life-threatening. For most of us, a paper wasp sting means sharp pain, redness, and swelling. Taking an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication can help with the pain. Hydrocortisone and antihistamine lotion can help ease swelling and pain.

Paper Wasp Habitats
Paper wasps will generally build their nests hanging from branches of trees, bushes, porch ceilings, under eaves, deck overhangs, porch railings, tops of window and door frames, etc. Paper wasp nests are made of grey or brown paper-like material. Paper wasps build their nests in the shape of an umbrella with open cells where eggs are laid.

How Do I Get Rid of Paper Wasps?
Attempting to remove a paper wasp nest on your own without proper safety gear is not recommended. Contact a licensed professional who has the proper equipment and products to handle this kind of pest issue. Paper wasps will attempt to protect their home, which can result in multiple stings. If you are allergic or don’t know if you are allergic to paper wasp stings, do not take any chances.

How Can I Prevent Paper Wasp Problems at My Home or Business?
Start with a routine maintenance pest program from a pest control expert like those at Rochester Pest Pro, then follow these tips to help prevent any paper wasp problems at your home or business.

  • Use caulking to seal around windows and doors.
  • Keep trash containers at least 20 feet from the exterior of your home.
  • Cover food and drinks when outside to prevent attracting paper wasps.

If you suspect a paper wasp problem, contact Rochester Pest Pro for a quote.

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