Color: grayish brown
Size: ¾ inch
Note: although stink bugs can be very annoying, they are not considered to be dangerous

Is your home suffering from a stink bug infestation? You're not alone. Stink bugs are a relatively new visitor to the New York area, but they have made themselves at home very quickly. This is to the dismay of Rochester and other New York residents, as these bugs are unsightly and release a pungent odor when threatened. When fall and spring arrive, they can be found almost everywhere, which is why you want to address your stink bug problem as quickly as possible

How Do Stink Bugs Get into the Home?
During warmer weather, stink bugs tend to congregate outside where they often blend into the natural surroundings and may not even be noticeable. However, they are susceptible to the cold New York winters, and when autumn comes they enter homes in massive numbers trying to find warmth. One day, your home may be fine and the next you may be seeing stink bugs everywhere.

How to Identify the Stink Bug

  • Color: The brown marmorated stink bug is the most common species in Pennsylvania.
  • Shape: Stink bugs are shaped like a shield and are ½ to ¾ of an inch long. Young stink bugs are similarly shaped but more rounded and may be black or light green.
  • Behavior: Stink bugs will congregate on exterior building walls in the fall, seeking hidden areas in which to hide for winter. They can also be a nuisance in the spring as they move further into the home and during summer, when they feed on vegetation and crops
  • Stink bugs are considered a nuisance pest. They will not cause structural damage, bite, or sting. They can cause significant damage to trees, shrubs, and vines, as well as tree fruits, blackberries, corn, beans, tomatoes, peppers, soybeans, and other crops.

How Does the Stink Bug Get Its Name?
Stink bugs spray a distinct smelly chemical from their abdomens when threatened. They can spray this chemical several inches when needed. Interestingly, the chemical emitted by a stink bug is commonly used in food additives.

Are Stink Bugs Native to the United States?
Stink bugs are not native to the United States. The brown marmorated stink bug is native to Japan, China, Taiwan, and South Korea. It was first discovered in the United States in eastern Pennsylvania in 1998. Stink bugs will begin to make an appearance in the spring months. They will be out and about in search of a mate.

The best way to stop an infestation is to stop them from entering. Contact us, and we will be happy to make sure that your home is free of stink bugs.

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