Our Eight-Legged Buddies

Spiders can be scary, but overall, they’re our friends.  Most of the time, we get along just fine with spiders.  We each go about our business and don’t bother each other.  However, sometimes spiders can be problematic.  Today we’ll show you some reasons to use commercial pest control for spiders.

Spiders Common to New York State

Some spiders found in New York, like the common house spider, or Achaearanea tepidariorum, use webs both as a home and method to trap their prey.  Other spiders, like Naphys pulex, a type of jumping spider, prefer to hunt their prey.  New York has a variety of crab spiders from family Thomisidae who prefer to wait for their prey in carefully chosen locations like flowering plants and manmade light sources. 

Why Are Spiders a Problem at Work?

  • Some spiders native to New York State include the well-known black widow and brown recluse, both of which are dangerous.  If you are bitten by a spider, see a doctor to have the bite treated.  Describe the spider to them if you were able to get a look at it. 
  • Spiders get our workspaces dirty with used webs that collect dust, egg sacs, and insect corpses. 
  • Being predators, spiders are a sign of other pests.  In general, if an environment is suitable for their preferred prey, spiders can and will move in.  
  • Spiders in your workplace can be a health and safety violation that can result in legal issues.
  • If customers and connections enter your workspace and see spiders, that can damage your brand and lose sales.

How Do I Prevent Spiders at My Workspace?

  • Reduce clutter and clean up frequently.  It doesn’t matter if you can’t see the spiders at first; they don’t want to be seen.  Spiders like to hide inside clutter like cardboard, paper, and brush piles. 
  • Vacuum often to remove webs, egg sacs, and discourage other pests.   
  • Keep your structure free of cracks and holes that serve as entry/exit points.  Another advantage of using Rochester Pest Pro for commercial pest control is that we can help you with these little weak spots that can let in a big infestation. 
  • Have Rochester Pest Pro get rid of other pests that spiders eat.  Even if you haven’t noticed other pests, if you have a lot of spiders, unseen pests are a cause for concern.  We always check thoroughly when inspecting for any kind of pest and will let you know what is attracting them.

What Do I Do About Spiders at Work?

We want our friends and clients to have workspaces that are safe and uninhabited by pests.  If you have spiders at your workplace, especially if you aren’t sure what kind they are, call us right away to take a look.  Be careful in basements, crawl spaces, attics, storage areas, and other dark corners not recently treated by a pest control professional.