Exterior Treatments for Flying and Crawling Insects

Rochester Pest Pro is doing a lot of exterior treatments right now.  Why is that?  Several reasons.  Summer is a time when bugs come out in force.  Humans and our pets spend more time outdoors and we bring things they like with us.  The plants are in bloom and the whole food chain wakes up around us. 

Pests want to come into your nice cool house that has the best food, shelter, and protection.  We’d like to stop them from coming in in the first place, as prevention is the best protection. 

What We’re Spraying For

What are we targeting with exterior pest treatments this summer?  Call us if you have or suspect a problem with any of the following.  

Ants and More Ants

There are thousands of species of ants common to the Northeast United States.  The most common sign that you have an ant problem is visibility.  Ant colonies can quickly grow to hundreds of thousands, and they aren’t shy about showing themselves.  Depending on their species, ants can eat just about any organic material and will leave their excretions all over your property.  Many can also bite and sting humans and animals. 

 Winged ants (creepy, we know) can be seen flying around exterior lights.  Call your local pest pro immediately if you have started seeing winged ants in windows trying to get to sunlight or exterior lights.  That indicates that the problem is already significant.  Another common sign is wood dust and a musty smell, like wet sawdust.  Carpenter ants are another type that can cause serious structural damage.

Box Elders

These dapper bugs feed on tree sap and are relatively harmless to us and the trees, but they enjoy the light and temperatures of our homes and offices.  They can become a problem simply by invading in numbers and exploring our spaces.  If you’ve just got a few, try a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment. 

Shoo, Fly

Flies may seem like just a nuisance because most of them don’t bite or sting us, but keep in mind that flies are disease vectors, and breed profusely in rotting organic material if given the chance.  Flies spread serious diseases like dysentery and typhoid, as well as any filth they pick up on their little feet that they then track all over our food, utensils, and surfaces. 

Bees and Wasps

We’ve written about bees and wasps several times before, but that’s because there’s a lot to say about them.  We want bees and wasps in our ecosystem, but our relationship is complicated, because we don’t get along in close quarters.  Rochester Pest Pro has a system to remove the nest and place it somewhere where the insects and humans will be safe.  We also treat the area to deter them from returning. 

And Stay Out

Rochester Pest Pro applies insecticides to the exterior of your space that last and are safe for humans to be around.  We recommend two sprays a year for best results.  We’ll also use our expertise to show you all the weak spots where the pests got in and how to fix them.