Spraying the Pests Away

Rochester Pest Pro is continuing our residential and commercial exterior spray services, and today we want to concentrate on exterior sprays for flying insects in the spring and summer.

We’re always going to see flying insects here and there; it’s summertime and now is the time to fly, feed, and breed.  Why should you bother with pest maintenance for flying insects for your home and workplace?  We’ve got some important reasons why.

Found at a Picnic Near You

Simply put, we want to play outside with our friends, kids, and pets.  We want to have cookouts, yard parties, and grow gardens.  Hornets, wasps, yellow jackets, flies and more will gladly make homes in our yards and outdoor areas if allowed.

We want our pets to enjoy the outdoors.  Animals need exercise and sunshine (at least most of the ones we keep) and no one wants to see their dog innocently having a sniff around a tree stump only for a swarm of yellowjackets to erupt and send you both to the emergency vet.

We want our indoor spaces to be safe.  Exterior sprays protect our interior comfort so that flying insects can’t enter in the first place and set up shop in your basement, attic, walls, etc.

We want our clients, prospects, and partners to be safe when they visit our workspaces.  It’s not a good impression to have wasps flying around your eaves, flies in the break room, or a bunch of dead boxelder beetles in your light fixtures.

We don’t want to attract other pests.  Where there are flies, there will be spiders who come to hunt them.  Centipedes eat wasps, and rodents like mice will eat many kinds of flying insects, plus their eggs and larvae.  A good source of food encourages pests to stick around, so when you have one problem, it could easily lead to another.

Many people are allergic to stings from flying insects like bees.  If caught off guard without the proper medication or if stung multiple times, an allergic person will need serious medical attention immediately.  Over a 17-year study, the CDC estimated that an average of 62 people each year die from wasp and bee stings.  While some of these occur out in the fields and forests, we’ll continue to work on making that number 0.

Give Us a Buzz

Invest in your health, safety, and convenience with preventive pest control.  Rochester Pest Pro practices integrative pest management, meaning we take care of every step of the process from initial inspection to follow-up.  We also practice humane pest removal, relocating hives and putting down chemical treatments safe for humans, pets, and livestock.  We’ll seal up each and every entry point to physically prevent pests from invading your structure.  Call or write us any time—we're always happy to hear from our community.  Check out what our community has to say on our review page.