Stink Bugs in Rochester

Rochester Pest Pro is performing exterior treatments and inspections for stink bugs because, guess what, it’s spring!  Why is spring the time for problems with stink bugs in Rochester and Western New York in general?  What issues does Rochester have with stink bugs, and how can the pest pros help?

Halyomorpha halys

It's spring and stink bugs are waking up.  Stink bugs have been sheltering inside walls and empty spots in our homes and offices during the cold months.  Stink bugs need a warm spot to shelter in so they can enter a state called diapause, similar to hibernation.  Stink bugs that don’t find their way into your home or office through holes, cracks, and tears will spend winter in locations like dead trees.  When spring comes, it’s time to wake up, come out of hiding, and find mates. 

What Stink Bugs Do

As referenced in their name, stink bugs release a spray containing chemicals that emit a foul odor that has been compared to old socks and bad meat.  They do this when they are crushed or when they feel threatened.  Thankfully, stink bugs don’t bite, sting, or spread disease to people, kids, or pets.  However, one can be allergic to the chemical compounds released in their spray. 

Why does Rochester need professional help with stink bugs?

  • Stink bugs come in crowds.  When a stink bug is comfortable, they release another chemical signal that invites other stink bugs to join them, which is why they congregate so quickly even though they are not breeding in your space. 
  • Stink bugs eat our crops.  Stink bugs do their greatest damage in terms of consuming and spoiling dozens of crops from apples to tomatoes to corn to pears.  If you thought you get a lot of stink bugs in your house, you get thousands more in the field.  We love the farmers, brewers, and vintners that make Western New York's food and drink culture so good. 
  • Stink bugs are a source of embarrassment.  Having stink bugs in your office isn’t good for your brand, and neither is having one crawl over the camera on a video call.  We’ve all been in a place with stink bugs and heard the sudden yelp when one flies into someone’s hair. 

Rochester’s Stink Bug Solution

How do you prevent problems with stink bugs?  The best stink bug prevention is to have no entry points in the structure, but that’s hard to accomplish.  Rochester Pest Pro offers maintenance and inspection services to keep stink bugs from wanting to move into your space.  It feels great to walk into your home and/or office and seeing—and smelling—no stink bugs.  Contact Rochester Pest Pro anytime for a spring that smells more like flowers and sunshine than stink bugs.