Rochester Pest Pro is now offering wildlife control to Webster, Fairport, Henrietta, and the

greater Rochester area. What does that mean to your neighborhood? Today, we’ve got some things for

you to know about wildlife control, removal, and exclusion.

One of the most important aspects of wildlife control is what we don’t do. If possible, we prefer not to kill wildlife, and we abide by state laws that protect certain creatures. That’s why we trap and relocate the animals whenever possible. Animals like foxes and skunks belong in wild areas, where they can do as they like with healthy boundaries between them and us.


This is how far professional wildlife control goes to improve your locale.

Wildlife control cuts down on disease. Wild animals can bring all kinds of pathogens with them, from hantavirus to parvovirus to the bubonic plague— seriously. Animals can also bring parasites with them, like fleas and ticks that harm humans, pets, and livestock.

We prevent and remove the filth that wild animals bring to your property. If they’ve been coming around for more than a few days, they’ll have probably eliminated near your space. The droppings of bats and birds are particularly noxious.

Before calling wildlife control, many home and landowners try poisoning or using other methods to kill wildlife. Some state laws allow shooting animals like groundhogs, but do not attempt this unless you are a trained firearms user in an area that is safe to operate in. Indoors or outdoors, dead animals attract all sorts of pests that come to eat and breed in the carrion. Animals that die in a spot like your attic or in

your walls don’t need to rot out of your reach if we can help it. Also, we’ll clean up the area to make it

like the pest was never there.

Wildlife control cuts down on property damage, from chewed wood to pillaged gardens to holes in the dirt just waiting for someone to step in them for a nice turned ankle. You don’t want to let the kids and pets out to play if there are irritable groundhogs ready to defend those holes or skunks who are not interested in games.

Wildlife control, exclusion, and removal keeps unnecessary harm from the pest animals. When trapped and relocated to their usual habitat, they run less risk of being struck by cars, attacked by pets, and dying painfully by poison.

Rochester Pest Pro practices integrative pest management, meaning we solve the issue from initial inspection to follow-up to make sure that our measures are holding. We can seal up any holes in your house that are letting pests in and advise on property protection and good habits that any home and property owner can follow.

We want to make your home, business, and property safe for all who are supposed to use them. To learn more about how we remove wildlife and deter them from coming back, call us at (585) 486-4815 or use our contact form.