4 Kinds of Ants and What They Mean

Published February 26, 2021

Getting Antsy? Ants are everywhere— with more than 10,000 species of ants in the world, there’s a good chance we’re never too far from them.  Ants are an important part of the ecosystem, but they can also be a pain, which is why we want to tell our friends about some of the ants we’ll be performi...

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4 Ways to Prevent Bed Bugs

Published February 10, 2021

Bugs in My Bed? Bedbugs are a uniquely troubling pest.  We associate them with our homes, but they can easily invade office and community spaces too.  Unlike many other bloodsucking pests who are happy to feed on animals, humans are bedbugs’ preferred food source.  Preventing a problem is always...

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5 Reasons You Don't Want Spiders in Your Office

Published January 21, 2021

Our Eight-Legged Buddies Spiders can be scary, but overall, they’re our friends.  Most of the time, we get along just fine with spiders.  We each go about our business and don’t bother each other.  However, sometimes spiders can be problematic.  Today we’ll show you some reasons to use commercial...

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Mice Part 3: Feeding Habits

Published January 6, 2021

Henrietta’s Pest Control Choice Rochester Pest Pro just can’t stop talking about mice and rodents at this time of year.  Rodent removal in Rochester is something we spend a lot of our time dealing with this time of year.  Commercial offices in Henrietta in particular are relying on us for rodent...

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Commercial Pest Control for Rochester

Published December 17, 2020

Protecting Your Workplace Is Our Job You pay close attention to keeping your living space pest-free.  Who needs structural damage from carpenter ants, painful, itchy bites from bedbugs, or spoiled food from mice?  Our friends and clients certainly don’t, which is why we’re performing commercial p...

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