Protecting Your Pets from Pests

Published June 15, 2020

Do You Want to Go for a Walk? We love our pets and want to keep them safe.  It’s summertime, and they want to play more than ever.  What can we do to protect them from pests outdoors and indoors?   We want them to have their outdoor time for fun and exercise, but how do we keep them healthy?  We’...

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All About Paper Wasps

Published June 9, 2020

Meet the Vespid Family “Paper wasp” is a general name for insects in family Vespidae, subfamily Polistinae.  Polistinae also includes members of subfamilies Vespinae (hornets and yellow jackets) and Stenogastrinae.  Our type is in genus Polistinae (same name as the subfamily—confusing enough?). ...

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Pest Control for Allergy Relief

Published May 21, 2020

A lot of us have seasonal allergies.  You may have experienced the sneezing, irritated mucous membranes, and itchy feelings caused by substances like pollen.  Some indoor and outdoor pests can also cause allergic reactions by themselves or make existing allergies worse.  These are not only unpleasan...

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Garden Pests

Published May 13, 2020

We tend to spend more time outside in the springtime, and many of us will start a garden, or spruce up what has lain under the snow.  Unfortunately, there are all kinds of pests waiting to devour your hard work.  Check out our post on their identification and habits and read on for some prevention t...

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Indoor Spring Cleaning

Published May 5, 2020

  Rochester Pest Pro is open for business by appointment for exterior sprays.  When the danger from the pandemic passes, we will return to our indoor services.  In the meantime, we’d like to help our friends by talking about what you can look for indoors while you’re spending more time inside.  A...

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