Mice Part 9: Mice and Wildlife Control

Published November 18, 2021

Rochester, NY is a perfect place to have problems with mice. We didn’t do eight other blogs on mice just for fun— that's how important they are in our work. That’s how detrimental mice can be to our health, structural sustainability, and keeping our spaces free of other pests. Now that we’ve adde...

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Rochester Pest Pro's New Wildlife Services

Published October 28, 2021

Expanding Our Offerings to Serve You Better Rochester Pest Pro has acquired RMB Wildlife and Exclusion.  We are now offering wildlife trapping, removal, and exclusion services to all Rochester neighborhoods.  East Rochester, Fairport, Webster, Henrietta, Honeoye Falls, etc. can now access profess...

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Exterior Sprays for Overwintering Insects

Published October 8, 2021

Pest Deterrents for Fall 2021 We’re now doing the last of the exterior pest prevention sprays to ready us for the fall-winter transition. Rochester’s autumns are wonderful—bright leaves, crisp temperatures, and all the apple cider you can drink. Rochester Pest Pro is also encountering the crawlie...

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Mice Part 8: Homeowners Vs. Mice

Published October 1, 2021

Mouse Prevention Welcome to Rochester Pest Pro’s eighth installment on mice. We have a lot to say about mice, so be sure to check out part 7 and earlier. We’re constantly taking on pest control for mice in Rochester in the fall. It’s getting cooler, especially at night, when mice move about most....

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Helping Rochester Rest Easier with Bed Bug Control

Published September 28, 2021

Bugs In My Bed? Rochester Pest Pro helps solve bed bug problems in all of Rochester’s neighborhoods. Bed bugs are a problem all year round, and many of us—probably most of us—sleep in beds or on couches all year round. Bed bugs are tiny oval or shield-shaped insects no bigger than a tomato see...

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